Semi-automatic indexing for quality-conscious indexers and authors

With TExtract you create the back-of-book index for the printed and ebook editions of your book in three steps, using a unique combination of automated and manual indexing:

  1. Just drop a PDF version of your book onto TExtract. The initial index is created fully automatically. Running through the text to mark entries is not needed.
  2. You edit and expand the index using powerful and easy to use in-context navigation, selection and editing features, available in no other software.
  3. Then you export the formatted index, review it and include it in your document.

Working with TExtract the indexing process is supported from the outset by the index itself. But you, the indexer, are in control. Your index can be ready within a day - but you can spend as much time as you think necessary. Read about the features of TExtract and about the differences with other software. View the screenshots for an impression:

bullet To try and see for yourself, download TExtract and use the free 30-day trial license to create the index for your publication now. If you are pleased with the result, buy a license to export the full index.

TExtract is used by authors, editors and professional indexers who want high-quality back-of-book indexes while having to meet deadlines. You will value TExtract's navigation, editing and formatting functions that provide full control. You will also appreciate its index revision and re-use facilities, its EPUB export function, its Word embedding option, its powerful application of authority files, its indexing standards support and its export formats that enable further processing by other software. See the bibliography and example indexes.

Users of TExtract are Thomson Reuters, CH2M HILL, Yale Law School, Max-Planck-Institut für ethnologische Forschung, University of Pretoria, Bentham Science Publishers, ITT, Exelis, John Benjamins Publishers, Author Solutions Inc, UWA Business School, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Miami Dade Office of Strategic Business Management, VTeX, XLibris, Baylor College of Medicine, the International Institute of Social History, Trinity College, WordCo Indexing, the Hoover Institution Library and many others in over 60 countries worldwide.

Recent user comments:

"I've indexed books the old fashioned way and know how much of a chore it is. TExtract is the only way I'll use from now on."  (Editor, anon.)

"I've used TExtract for the past year and found it an invaluable tool. [..] One of the best invest-ments I've made in terms of my indexing career."  (Prof. indexer, Somerset, UK; see full comment)

"I’ve examined nine different index programs and yours is, without a doubt, the easiest and best." (Author, Colorado)

"I have used TExtract for more than 204 books"  (Prof. indexer, Crewe, UK; see full comment)

"I edit environmental impact statements under the National Environmental Policy Act. [..] I can-not tell you how happy I was to discover your software."  (Editor, Las Vegas, NV; full comment)

"I plan to introduce it to our library school students and expect to use your software again."  (Teacher, St. John's University, West NY, NJ)

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Recent events:

TExtract was presented at the ASI conference in Seattle, April 2015.

TExtract was presented at the ISC / EAC conference in Halifax, June 2013.

TExtract was presented at the ASI conference in San Antonio, April 2013.

TExtract was presented at the ASI conference in San Diego, April 2012.

TExtract was presented at the AAUP conference in Baltimore, June 2011.