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"I'm almost as proud of my index as I am of the book itself."  (Author, Lantana, FL)

"Such elegant and exquisite software - so easy to use"  (Author, Morisset, Australia)

"Your product has been met with GREAT reviews by our client."  (Consultant, Sparks, MD)

"I applaud your company and its developers on the software, it is the best we have seen."  (IT Manager, Port of Spain, Trinidad)

"This was a first-time effort for me, just to be involved in my daughter's first book, and TExtract was intuitive, powerful, and easy to use. The editor was kind enough to say it was the best user-created index he'd ever received."  (Author's father, Montclair, NJ)

"I have now looked at 10 different indexing programs and yours is clearly the best. "  (Author, anonymous)

"My editor recommended it!"  (Author, Indiana, PA)

"I was dreading making the index and TExtract made it an almost enjoyable process! You can quote me!"  (Author, Princeton, NJ)

"Cannot thank you enough! [..] the program is God sent, I am going to ask the department to pay for the license and have it installed permanently!"  (author, Worcester, MA)

"I grew rather fond of the program, and I'll miss using it when my final proofs are done in January. [..] I think this is a terrific piece of software, and I'd use it again."  (Author from Pasadena, California)

"I couldn't get along without Textract now. My clients really love the results, and it cuts down on a lot of work time for me!"  (Editor, Stratford, Canada)

"Do you ever post customer reviews? I wouldn't mind giving mine. This is a powerful program with tons of features. [..] I needed a program to index several volumes of material. [..] It is proven reliable and consistent, no bugs, glitches or crashes. [..] definitely saved my sanity."  (Editor, The Villages, FL)

"I've used TExtract for the past year and found it an invaluable tool." Later writes: "I've had to prepare three large indexes over the last few weeks, and the program once again has proven itself invaluable. [...] everything has gone smoothly and all is on track. It really is a wonderful tool and represents one of the best investments I've made in terms of my indexing career, so again thank you for all your work" Later writes: "It all seems to have worked very well. [...] I'm really, really impressed! Brilliant stuff! Thank you so much once again – you've saved me no end of work."  (Professional indexer, Somerset, UK)

"I'm just barely into Textract, but so far it looks almost too good to be true. [..] a fascinating bit of software"  (Author, Carmel, CA)

"TExtract is an extremely capable tool for creating and managing indexes. As far as I can see it includes everything that is needed to create and format indexes. The manual and help files are excellent."  (Professional indexer, UK; conclusion in review for publisher.)

"Since early 2009 I have used TExtract for more or less all projects [..] I have used TExtract for more than 204 books. [..] In terms of indexes, this underestimates the total, as about 1 in every 2 of my "projects" involves creating a normal index plus 2 specialised indexes [..]. On this basis, I have compiled 400+ "indexes" using TExtract." (Professional indexer, Crewe, UK, 2013) "Thanks for the continuing improvements to embedding. These are particularly welcome, and it is noticeable that I am getting an increasing number of commissions entailing Word embedding. A lot of other indexers avoid this like the plague, as manual embedding is a massive pain in the neck [..]. With TExtract I am now getting to the point where embedded indexing is only slightly more complex than ordinary indexing." (Same user, 2014) "I am continuing to use TExtract intensively. An increasing amount of the work I do is on embedded indexes in Word for CUP and I have the impression that they continue to have difficulty in finding indexers who can produce reliable embedded indexes. There are other tools out there to do the job, but all of them in my view are rather “cobbled together”."  (Same user, 2017)

"I just purchased the permanent, pro version [..] after trying CINDEX 2.0 and a few others. What a remarkable product you have created with TExtract. [..] Congratulations on the programming wizardry that underlies this remarkable indexing software."  (Executive Director, McLean, VA)

"I am a professional indexer who has used TExtract for all my indexes since 2008, and I am very happy with it."  (indexer, Auckland, NZ)

"The more I learn about using TExtract the more I see the depth of thought and understanding you applied as you developed this software. [..] Thank you for such an excellent program." Later adds: "I continue to be amazed with TExtract and what I can do with it... and like the iceberg, there's much more to discover!. [..] When are the T-shirts coming out?"  (Professional indexer from Jefferson County, Iowa)

"After testing several full and “semi” indexers, I’m glad to have found TExtract!" Later adds: "Couldn’t have done it this good, this quickly, and this easily without TExtract!"  (Editor, Nuremberg, Germany.

"I need to index a book right now. I tried out your demo and was really impressed." [Next day:] "The job is already done! I am amazed by this program. Thanks a bunch. Well worth the $90"  (Author from Rock Falls, Illinois)

"Senior Guidance Directory & Caregiving Handbook assists seniors and caregivers in solving the problems they face. Thus, it is imperative that all aspects of the directory be user friendly. TExtract gave us the ability to create an index that was not only user-friendly but as in-depth as we needed. We used InDesign's index (the software the directory is created with) last year; it was much too difficult to create. TExtract was a breeze to use. Customer support was excellent." [Next year, edition 2009:] "Well, the directory is at the printers, and once more, the index is incredible. Thank you for all your help. This software is truly amazing. [..] If you ever have anyone in the US that wants to talk to someone about the software, please don't hesitate to give them my name and phone number. I am more than happy to sing your praises."  (Editor, Houston, TX)

"I have recommended your product to quite a few colleagues. [..] Excellent product."  (Author, Melbourne, Australia)

"Very impressive functionality, usability, layout, ease-of-use."  (Professional indexer, UK)

"Okay, I was skeptical but exhausted. I had just completed writing a 400+ page book and floundered with the index. I buckled and decided to search for other ways of developing an index. I found your software and I am absolutely thrilled with the results! [..] I will definitely use it again."  (Author, Winnipeg, Canada)

"This is a great program--I sing its praises to all who listen!"  (editor, Pleasant Ridge, MI)

"TExtract really bailed me out when my production house dumped the index on me unexpectedly. I had no experience in building an index and TExtract made the whole process quick and simple. I'd definitely use it again and will recommend it to my colleagues. [..] I'm definitely sold on TExtract!"  (Author from San Francisco, CA)

"I set my personal best for indexing an academic book today (about 4 hours). [...] I will be recommending it to our publisher for future projects."  (Editor, Liguori, MO)

"We will be buying a copy of your wonderful program"  (Professional indexer, Stoke-on-Trent, UK, 2006) "Just wanted to say how chuffed I am with the way TExtract handles diacritics now. Japanese names used to be a real pain, and now I don't even have to think about it! Brilliant." (same indexer, 2011)

"I've now received a scanned PDF of the book that I am planning to index. I ran TExtract against the PDF and yes, the results are super impressive."  (Clark Wilson, US)

"You have done a great service to people like me. I edit environmental impact statements under the National Environmental Policy Act. [..] Schedules being what they are (always too short), there is absolutely never enough time to generate a useful index. I am about 4 days away from delivering my 3,000-page document to the client. I cannot tell you how happy I was to discover your software. [..] If I didn't need the money so much, I'd send you my next paycheck as a token of my gratitude."  (Editor from Las Vegas, Nevada)

"[..] when I showed TExtract to people here they liked it, too. I will be purchasing a 1-year professional license."  (Curriculum Manager, Needham, MA)

"I just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with TExtract and have sent emails to a wide number of people in our firm who may also be interested in using your software on other projects. And I really appreciate your responsiveness to my questions."  (Editor, Alpharetta, GA, 2012) "Once again Harry I just wanted to tell you what a life saver TExtract has been. I just indexed a final EIS of over 750 pages [..]. Probably saved us several weeks of work and client is happy with the result."  (Same editor, 2013)

"A colleague used it and spread the word."  (Author, anonymous)

"just used your system for the third time for indexing a book for How to Books UK and yet again it was simple and effective to use. Excellent indexing software"  (Author, Tauranga, New Zealand)

"It works like a dream. I have never been able to create an index this fast! You have been a lifesaver."  (Editor from Brussels, Belgium)

"Given my deadline, there was no way to do this manually [..]. Your program saved the day."  (Publisher from Columbus, Ohio)

"I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. Textract is THE most amazing software I’ve ever encountered in 20 years of working with computers. [..] I’ve used it on 3 books now, and will use it again. Textract absolutely rocks!"  (Author, Frisco, Texas)

"I'm really enjoying using your software. It seems to work very, very well."  (Author from Lexington, Kentucky)

"TExtract is without doubt the best software on the market for index generation. [..] No other software or approach holds a candle to this product." Later writes: "I feel very comfortable with your software and can recommend it far and wide. [..] Manual concordance and index insertion feels like the dark ages. [..] I'm a fan for life."   (Author from Aventura, FL)

"This is just a quick note to thank you for a really superb product. I used the custom version of Textract to index my new book for publication. I found the programme really user friendly with an exceptionally useful help menu. Indexing my publication was an absolute pleasure. Thanks again!"   (Author from Johannesburg, South Africa)

"Customer service was above and beyond any expectation. It's been a pleasure! I will plan to use this software in an upcoming book."  (Author from San Diego, California)

"Your tool is very good and I speak from some 30 years as a software developer."  (Editor from Clearwater, Florida)

"A note to congratulate you on your latest version of TExtract. I have just completed a 300 page volume containing some very complex Maori names, titles and concepts. The latest version performed outstandingly [..] a dream to operate. [..] An outstanding programme."  (Professional indexer from Takapuna, New Zealand)

"As you might expect a medical text needs a comprehensive index. Your product worked extremely well."  (Author from Charlottesville, VA)

"You have a great product. It saved me hundreds of dollars in indexing fees."  (Author from Plano, Texas)

"Your software is certainly the furthest forward that I have seen."  (Professional indexer from Northwich, England)

"I found the software to be fantastic! The after sales service was pretty hot too."  (Author from Wellington, New Zealand)

"Please let me say I found TExtract VERY helpful, indeed, the proverbial lifesaver. I did not really have time to experiment with all the options your software provides, but I and my publisher are quite satisfied. I plan to contact you again for my next book."  (Author, West Keansburg, NJ)

"This is an outstanding product. As a first-time user and long-time author who was very unhappy with the work of previous indexers of my book, I was very impressed with this product. And at the price it was affordable for me. My only problem was learning it sufficiently in the short time I had and trying to find out if I could upgrade my license to Custom. I didn't find the answer anywhere so I made do without upgrading. But I would have upgraded if I could have figured out how. Keep up the great work. Nicely done."  (Author, anonymous)

"New user here, great indexing tool!"  (Author, anon.)

"I have used your trial software it is brilliant. It is not only easy to use but extremly clever and accurate it will save me weeks of work! Every author or self publisher should use it."  (Author, Bonnells Bay, Australia)

"This is great. Really loving this. [..] You have saved me oodles of time. Thank you."  (Editor from Portland, ME)

"As an aside it looks like manna from heaven to me!"  (Author, Chisholm, Australia)

"TExtract continues to be a wonderful editor’s tool!"  (Editor, anon.))

"I just want you to know that, while it took a while to learn to use it, now that I have created the indexes for our first two books to be published, I absolutely love your product. Thank you for bringing it to the market!"  (CEO, Coto de Caza, California, 2010) "Congrats on the release of TExtract version 10. It’s great to see you constantly improving the product, though it’s hard to see how it could be any better. Is there a summary of the new features that I may look at?" (same user, 2013)

"[We] were thrilled with your product. As we get set to publish four additional titles later this year, we're excited to purchase additional licenses!"  (Publisher, Chandler, AZ)

"As I have now turned 82 years old and am not such an expert typist anymore, I was happy to find your program. It worked very nicely and I will use it again, if I do another nonfiction book."  (Author, Aiken, SC)

"I will let our publisher know about your software. They did not offer us any help with indexing and I was fortunate to come across your software."  (Author, Albany, CA)

"Thanks again for all of your great customer service. I've enjoyed working with TExtract and finding my inner librarian :)"  (Editor, Las Vegas, NV)

"[..] it has been a great blessing."  (Author, Agoura Hills, CA)

"Would not be able to complete a high standard index efficiently without your project. Since TEXTRACT has been used for all editions of the book it has made indexing easier each time!"  (Editor, Pensacola, FL, )

"Also, I wanted to let you know, while I had tried the free sample some time ago, I used the program yesterday for the first time in an actual project we are working on, and I must say—I absolutely love this program that you created. It seems to work flawlessly and appears to be very effective and simple to use. You have done an extraordinary job in engineering this software."  (Publisher, anon.)

"I have benefited immensely from your product."  (editor, Moscow, ID)

"We have been testing the product and are very impressed with how intuitive and easy it is to use."  (IT staff, Vanderbilt University)

"Absolutely outstanding program. [..] The importance score was very useful. I never imagined that the job of indexing this 270-page book would be so easy."  (author, Burr Ridge, IL)

"We are currently using Quark 9.5 for our book layouts and while it already has an indexing tool, I believe your program is superior for indexing—faster and easier to use."  (Publisher, anon.)

"Oh what a program!"  (Author from Chatham, New Jersey)

"A work of genius for sure. [...] A pleasure to see this creation."  (Author, anon.)

"[..] the program is great - I can't imagine how I could have made the index without it! The interface was extremely easy to navigate, and I especially liked all the keyboard shortcuts and the possibility to see many different views (e.g., page view) [..] Thanks again for a great product!"  (Author, Bayside, CA)

"By the way, I love using this product! I looked at all of the other indexing software and I found this one to be much easier to navigate and the user interface is very intuitive! Thank you for making it available! I am a librarian by training and hoping to get enough clients to afford the permanent version in the future. [..] I'm wishing you much success with your business endeavors and this excellent product!"  (Librarian, Kansas City, MO)

"The executive [board] of the ISC recently had a meeting and your software was excitedly discussed."  (ISC president, Ontario, Canada)

"I used TExtract SP license a couple years ago to great success and am looking to purchase another license."  (Author, anon)

"The TExtract application has proven to be very successful for our publishing operation. [..] We think your product is pretty awesome."  (Operations Manager, Paraparaumu, New Zealand)

"I will recommend Textract to my friends and students. It is an easy to manipulate program, robust in content, easy to apply and most importantly it is fast."  (Author, Bellflower, CA)

"Big Fan!"  (Author, Kingston upon Thames, UK)

"from online and WOM reviews you seem to be the best."  (Publisher, Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

"I am trying out your program and I cannot believe it. [...] Click, click and it rolls along."  (Author, Bright's Grove, Ontario)

"The software is superb. I staggered my publisher by returning a 600 word index in under 24 hours!!"  (Author, Kensington, London)

"I cannot believe how WONDERFUL THIS IS!"  (Author, Edinburg, Texas)

"I should really nominate you for some type of customer service award. Let me know if you want me to write a testimonal for your website :)"  (Editor from Landover, MD)