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"I'm almost as proud of my index as I am of the book itself."  (Author, Lantana, FL)

"By the way, this is a very impressive product, I can’t quite believe how clever it is."  (Author, UK)

"btw--love this program, 48 years in library and information work, 30 as professor, would have killed for this 30 years ago!!!"  (Author, Bakersville, NC)

"Well I rarely am very happy about software but, in truth, I am quite amazed at the level of sophistication present in your program."  (Author, Melrose, MA)

"If TExtract ever wants an endorsement, I am up for that. The software is nothing short of amazing. Thankfully, I had Parallels on my M1 MacBook Air computer that lets me work nearly seamless in the Windows and Mac environments simultaneously."  (Author, Seattle, WA)

"I am a Textract 10 Pro user (permanent license). I just checked out the trial version of 11---fantastic job! I love the handling of italics and bold. [..] I am grateful to you and your software. It is the best."  (Indexer, Kansas City)

"Your program's handling of revisions is turning out to be a lifesaver for me and for my client. I should be finished in a day or two. If you don't hear from me, please remind me to send you a testimonial."  (Indexer, Silver Spring, MD)

"I purchased a one-year basic license yesterday, and was wondering if it was possible to upgrade to a permanent pro license by paying the difference. After spending a day working with TExtract, I was very happy with it, and would like to upgrade. Thank you!"  (Editor, St. Lazare, Canada)

"Thank you SO much. You are the best, and so is your software."  (Author, Kansas City, MO)

"In fact, I like TExtract so much - and am doing another book - I would like to purchase the full version. [..] Your program is fun to use and I am looking forward to that part of the work."  (Author, Oakland, CA)

"What an amazing tool your TExtract is. Really amazing. And through much effort/editing I actually got it to work in French too."  (Author, Poland, OH)

"I have already purchased the software and heard quite good things about it."  (Author, Cambridge, MA)

"I've been using Textract with great success. I just received the galley proofs and comments from the editor and I need to rerun your software on the new document. However it requires a Pro license version. How do I get an update from my current license?"  (Author, Santa Cruz, CA)

"Just a note: I'm very impressed by your software's ability to pick up on cross-referenced cultural allusions when indexing. Example: "Apine" (which is a place in the Scottish Highlands) was picked up as belonging in the "Scotland, highlands" category. There are many of such indexing successes, which is greatly to my advantage, since my 600 pp. manuscript calls for a 45 pp. Index (proper names + concepts, ideas, events, et cetera)."  (Author, Fayette, MS)

"This is awesome software by the way. [..] would like to know where should post a review when all is done. Your software is contributing a tremendous amount of value to our book by enabling us to produce a useful and highly accurate index. [..] As I continue to refine our index I am discovering other great features in your software (I am sure that they are described in the user manuals but I generally only refer to those when I am desperate… not necessary for almost anything in Textract…which is very intuitive)."  (Author, Tennessee)

"Such elegant and exquisite software - so easy to use"  (Author, Morisset, Australia)

"You have done a great service to people like me. I edit environmental impact statements under the National Environmental Policy Act. [..] Schedules being what they are (always too short), there is absolutely never enough time to generate a useful index. I am about 4 days away from delivering my 3,000-page document to the client. I cannot tell you how happy I was to discover your software. [..] If I didn't need the money so much, I'd send you my next paycheck as a token of my gratitude."  (Editor from Las Vegas, Nevada)

"Your product has been met with GREAT reviews by our client."  (Consultant, Sparks, MD)

"I applaud your company and its developers on the software, it is the best we have seen."  (IT Manager, Port of Spain, Trinidad)

"This was a first-time effort for me, just to be involved in my daughter's first book, and TExtract was intuitive, powerful, and easy to use. The editor was kind enough to say it was the best user-created index he'd ever received."  (Author's father, Montclair, NJ)

"I have now looked at 10 different indexing programs and yours is clearly the best. "  (Author, anonymous)

"My editor recommended it!"  (Author, Indiana, PA)

"I was dreading making the index and TExtract made it an almost enjoyable process! You can quote me!"  (Author, Princeton, NJ)

"Do you ever post customer reviews? I wouldn't mind giving mine. This is a powerful program with tons of features. [..] I needed a program to index several volumes of material. [..] It is proven reliable and consistent, no bugs, glitches or crashes. [..] definitely saved my sanity."  (Editor, The Villages, FL)

"I've used TExtract for the past year and found it an invaluable tool. [..] I've had to prepare three large indexes over the last few weeks, and the program once again has proven itself invaluable. [..] everything has gone smoothly and all is on track. It really is a wonderful tool and represents one of the best investments I've made in terms of my indexing career [..] I'm really, really impressed! Brilliant stuff! Thank you so much once again – you've saved me no end of work."  (Professional indexer, Somerset, UK)

"TExtract is an extremely capable tool for creating and managing indexes. As far as I can see it includes everything that is needed to create and format indexes. The manual and help files are excellent."  (Professional indexer, UK; conclusion in review for publisher.)

"I have used TExtract for more than 204 books. [..] I am continuing to use TExtract intensively. An increasing amount of the work I do is on embedded indexes in Word for CUP and I have the impression that they continue to have difficulty in finding indexers who can produce reliable embedded indexes. There are other tools out there to do the job, but all of them in my view are rather “cobbled together”."  (Professional indexer, UK)

"I just purchased the permanent, pro version [..] after trying CINDEX 2.0 and a few others. What a remarkable product you have created with TExtract. [..] Congratulations on the programming wizardry that underlies this remarkable indexing software."  (Executive Director, McLean, VA)

"I am a professional indexer who has used TExtract for all my indexes since 2008, and I am very happy with it."  (Indexer, New Zealand)

"Okay, I was skeptical but exhausted. I had just completed writing a 400+ page book and floundered with the index. I buckled and decided to search for other ways of developing an index. I found your software and I am absolutely thrilled with the results! [..] I will definitely use it again."  (Author, Winnipeg, Canada)

"This is a great program--I sing its praises to all who listen!"  (editor, Pleasant Ridge, MI)

"Absolutely outstanding program. [..] The importance score was very useful. I never imagined that the job of indexing this 270-page book would be so easy."  (author, Burr Ridge, IL)

"A work of genius for sure. [...] A pleasure to see this creation."  (Author, anon.)

"I am trying out your program and I cannot believe it."  (Author, Bright's Grove, Ontario)

"The software is superb. I staggered my publisher by returning a 600 word index in under 24 hours!!"  (Author, Kensington, London)

"I cannot believe how WONDERFUL THIS IS!"  (Author, Edinburg, Texas)

"I'm just barely into Textract, but so far it looks almost too good to be true. [..] a fascinating bit of software"  (Author, Carmel, CA)