Features of TExtract 10 for Windows       For Windows 10/8/7/Vista 10/8/7 (Mac)

TExtract is the only book indexing software to combine high-quality automatic indexing with powerful manual index authoring based on linking of the index with the text. The main features are listed below; some need a Pro license, as indicated.

bullet Automatic creation of the initial index:
  • Compound index terms ("pre-merger notification requirement")
  • Prepositional phrases ("preliminary injunction for predatory pricing")
  • Automatic inversion ("broadcasting rights, first-window")
  • Automatic cross-referencing and double-posting of acronyms
  • Supports general indexes and name indexes
  • Option to index only emphasized (bold/italic) text [Pro]
bullet In-context editing using linked index and text displays:
  • Quick navigation and inspection of references
  • Global and local selection of entries and occurrences
  • In-place editing and adding of entries and occurrences
  • Supports creating multiple indexes simultaneously
  • Full support for conventional manual indexing
  • Smart features provide efficient access to relevant content
  • Full Unicode support for international characters and accents
bullet Versatile input and output formats:
  • Input documents in PDF or paged plain text
  • Multiple-file input documents
  • Embedded indexing of MS Word documents FAQ
  • Exporting the index into an EPUB edition of the book FAQ
  • Exporting in page-linked HTML format
  • Customisable output formats FAQ
  • Table format for import in other software like Excel or Cindex FAQ [Pro]
  • Easy compliance with publishing standards
bullet Optional application of filters and authority files: FAQ
  • Use of filters (word lists) to control automatic indexing
  • Use of authority files, enabling using pre-defined entries with vocabulary control [Pro]


bullet Easy index revision and re-use: [Pro]
  • Simple replacement of a document by a revised version or new edition; the index is updated automatically FAQ
  • Easy re-use of existing indexes (e.g. when converting to linked HTML or republishing as EPUB), even if not created using TExtract FAQ
bullet Creating a master index of a volume series: [Pro] FAQ
  • Indexing and editing per volume
  • Easy index update when volumes are added
  • Simple replacement of revised volumes
bullet Flexible support for indexing standards:
  • ISO and Chicago option presets
  • Easy adjustment to publisher preferences
bullet Efficient management of large projects: [Pro] FAQ
  • Importing work from other projects enables multiple-user indexing of large documents
bullet English, Dutch and multiple-language input text:
  • Indexing of English and Dutch text
  • Ignores text in the other major Western languages
bullet Keyword allocation: [Pro] FAQ
  • Automatic and manual keyword list output
  • Keyword allocation by unit of reference (sections, documents)
  • Optional vocabulary control using authority files