What is new in TExtract 10?

These are the main changes in version 10:
  • TExtract supports embedded indexing of Word .docx documents. Faq
  • Now you can use TExtract to create the index for the print and EPUB versions of your book in one project. When the print index is ready, no extra editing is needed to export the index into the EPUB edition. Faq
  • You can very efficiently re-use existing indexes when republishing (e.g. as EPUB), even indexes that were not created using TExtract. Faq
  • TExtract is fully Unicode enabled. Characters from most of the world's languages are handled the same way as Western characters.
  • A project is just one file. The extracted text is included in the project file.
  • Many other improvements were made to further increase output quality, efficiency and user friendliness.
New in versions up to 10.2: see whatsnew-latest.

To install the latest release of TExtract go to the download page.

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