What is the difference with other indexing software?

TExtract uses a combination of automated and manual indexing, enhanced by linking of the index with the text. No other back-of-book indexing software has this:

  • TExtract creates the initial index itself, giving you a jump-start. Entries are words or phrases. Other software requires you to type in each entry, or to select each entry text, or to provide a list of words.
  • The TExtract editor has an index panel as well as a text panel. The index is linked to the text, enabling powerful navigation and editing features. You can navigate and edit each entry and reference in context. No other indexing software has this.
  • In TExtract, entries are enriched with additional information to support editing, such as each entry's significance score that enables you to focus on relevant entries. No other indexing software has this.
  • Next to the automated and semi-automatic features, TExtract provides all the manual indexing features you need, but these features are enhanced by the navigation facilities. For example, each entry and reference you add manually is linked to the text and navigable. No other indexing software has this.
  • The link between the index and the text enables powerful features such as document replacement, embedded indexing in Word, and exporting to an EPUB ebook. You can re-use an existing print index when republishing, even if no TExtract project exists. No other indexing software has this.
  • TExtract has many other smart features not available in any other software, such as automatic cross-referencing of acronyms and abbreviations, various views of the index combining related entries, and more.
  • The formatted index created with TExtract conforms to professional indexing standards. Non-professional indexing software (e.g. Microsoft Word's manual indexing feature) does not.

Recent user comments:

"I'm just barely into Textract, but so far it looks almost too good to be true. [..] a fascinating bit of software"  (Author, Carmel, CA)

"Okay, I was skeptical but exhausted. [..] I am absolutely thrilled with the results!"  (Author, Winnipeg; see full comment)

"TExtract gave us the ability to create an index that was not only user-friendly but as in-depth as we needed. We used InDesign's index [..] last year; it was much too difficult to create. TExtract was a breeze to use."  (Editor, Houston, TX; see full comment.)

"I am now on my fifth index using your excellent software and both I and my publisher have been more than satisfied."  (Author, Hayle, UK)

"The editor was kind enough to say it was the best user-created index he'd ever received."  (Indexer, NJ; full comment)

"I grew rather fond of the program, and I'll miss using it when my final proofs are done in January. [..] I think this is a terrific piece of software"  (Author, Pasadena, CA)

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