Download page        ForWindows Windows 11/10/8/7 (Mac)

Press to download and install TExtract 11 (v11.048; 15Mb)

NOTE:. Downloading is disabled in small displays. TExtract is Windows software. You can download and install on a pc or Mac running Windows.

Installation and registration notes:
  • TExtract is Windows software. You can install it on a Windows pc, or on a Mac using Boot Camp, Parallels or Fusion.
  • This is the full software. It comes with a built-in free 30-day trial license. This is a Pro license with a few limitations (it saves the formatted index up to letter H).
  • To obtain a full license, start TExtract on the computer for which you want the license, choose Help ► Registration in TExtract's main menu and copy the serial number shown; then go to the ordering and registration web page.
  • When ordering, you don't need to install the software again. You will receive a license key to activate your license.
Installing updates:
  • You can always install the latest release; your license remains active.
  • For information about new features and changes see what's new?
Upgrade policy for owners of licenses of earlier versions of TExtract:
  • If you have a valid permanent license of TExtract 10 purchased later than January 1 2020 the upgrade to TExtract 11 is free. After installing TExtract 11 apply your current license key.
  • If you have an older permanent license of TExtract 9 or 10 you can upgrade at a 50% discount. Please contact for the discount code.
Note also:
  • Your internet security system may interfere with installing software on your computer. If you experience a problem installing TExtract please let us know.

For more information please contact

System Requirements:

•  Microsoft Windows 11/10/8/7 (Mac)
•  45MB free disk space
•  Recommended display resolution 1440 x 900 or larger.